Iron Horse executed its first job in 2005 and, subsequently, has provided coiled tubing fracturing treatments across a wide range of wells for E&P companies with industry leading recycle ratios, including shallow and deep liquids-rich natural gas to deeper horizontal oil throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. In our 15 year history, we have coiled tubing fracture stimulated more than ~110,000 stages in +6,000 wells at rates and pressures up to 12m³/minute and 90 MPa, respectively.

Iron Horse takes pride in having the most experienced fracturing and coiled tubing crews in the industry, and our staff are driven to improve and refine systems and processes. Additionally, our new fleet of compact equipment generates a smaller footprint and reduces manpower requirements relative to our competition, thereby lowering non-productive time.

Currently, Iron Horse operates the industry’s newest fleet of fracturing equipment, including seven coiled tubing fracturing crews, and down-hole tools. Additionally, Iron Horse provides 24 hour operations to customers.

Iron Horse provides:

  • Experienced crews – our field staff averages approximately ten years of coiled tubing fracturing experience, and 100% of our staff are employees.
    • 24 hour operations.
  • Newest equipment fleet – our compact lightweight equipment has the ability to travel on most road systems without special permits.
    • Seven sets of coiled tubing fracturing and support equipment, including the largest diameter coiled tubing units in Canada (3.25”).
    • ~75,000 fracturing HP.
  • Leading edge fluid systems – cost effective fluid systems designed and supported by experienced technical personnel and state of the art laboratory facilities.
  • Down-hole tools – we offer a full suite of proprietary down-hole tools, and we are constantly focused on developing innovative and refining existing down-hole tools to improve efficiency levels.


At Iron Horse, safety is not a program – it is ingrained in our DNA. More importantly, we are committed to continuously improving our health and safety performance by ensuring minimal employee turnover and maintaining our compact equipment footprint to the highest standard, thereby ensuring efficient operations. Iron Horse’s commitment to the health and safety of our environment is second to none and, therefore, exceeds our customers’ needs, public expectations, regulatory requirements, and recognized industry standards.

Iron Horse is a “Certificate of Recognition” employer, a member in good standing of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC), and holds the following credentials:

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

PSAC Membership & Certificate

Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Safety Fitness Certificate

ISNetworld Registry – compliant

Complyworks Registry – compliant

For more information, please contact our HSE Manager.


Iron Horse has a line of specialized down-hole tools for your frac-thru-coiled tubing operation which are designed to withstand the severe down-hole conditions to which they are exposed. Our proprietary frac-thru coil tool has completed more than ~110,000 stages, with a record 114 stages in a SINGLE run.

Our focus on practical innovation, collaboration with clients, and extensive horizontal resource well coiled tubing fracturing experience allows us to constantly improve tool reliability, thereby increasing efficiency. Additionally, we also build custom tools to individual clients’ specifications.

For more information on our down-hole tools, please contact an Iron Horse sales team member.


Iron Horse’s partnership with an industry leading chemical company provides it with access to highly experienced industry technical personnel, leading edge chemical technologies, and state of the art laboratory facilities and equipment. The collaboration between our companies has produced new generations of cost effective fracturing fluids, including surfactants, foams, and low viscosity/low friction and viscosified slick water fluid systems, which have successfully facilitated the exploitation of conventional and unconventional reservoirs throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

3-in-1 Frac Unit

Climate controlled, sound proof.
Cummins QSK 45 (2,250 HP) pump engine.
Twin disc 3,000 HP transmission.
SPM 2500 quintuplex pump (Both 4″ 15,000 psi and 5″ heads available).
70 b.p.m. blender tub design.
Belt driven sand delivery.
S&S control system with full manual back up.
High Rate Blender

High Rate Blender

Tandem Tractor/Trailer High Rate Blender Tub Capacity 1.0m³, rates range from 0.5m³/min – 16.0m³/minute. Conventional or slip stream mode, blender and density controls operated in auto or manual mode. Precision belt driven sand delivery range from 50 kg/minute to 8000 kg/minute ensures accurate density control. Dual dry feed chemical augers. Climate controlled cab comfortably houses blender operator, supervisors, customer representatives, and six to eight pumper operators. Iron Horse believes improved communication levels are achieved with this equipment design, and which is an important attribute during rapidly changing job parameters.

FTC Unit

Slant capable mast unit (45-70°).
Largest diameter coiled tubing units in Canada; size range from 2.375” (~6,200 m) to 3.25” (~2,000 m).
CTES, Orion, Cerberus Pipe Management software.
130,000 lb injector.
10K/15K BOP systems available.
Rotating 120″ arch, complete hydraulic work platform.
Operators’ cab in Peterbilt bunk with 45° window.

Iron Truck & Coil Support Unit

Skid mounted iron rack with hydraulic controlled pivoting manifold.
Hiab 200 Knuckle crane.
Up to 500 P.S.I. / 900 C.F.M. air compressor.
BOP, pressure test stump, lubricator transport.
Pressure pump with recording system for well head control equipment.

Sand Hogg Unit

Trailer mounted 150 tonne on site storage.
High efficiency belt delivery.
Up to eight separate compartments to isolate or mix different proppants.

C02 Pump & Transport Unit

CO2 pump mounted on transport units.
28 m³ liquid C02 tank with boost pump.
SPM TWS 600 short triplex C02 pump (3 1/2″ heads).

Chemical Unit

Chemical unit on tri drive axles.
Six tote capacity with six chemical pumps.
Controlled lab area.
Climate controlled.
Extra fuel capacity with integrated pump for fueling units on site.

Nitrogen Pumper Unit

15,000 psi (100 MPa) max pumping pressure.
350 scm/minute pump rate.
State-of-the-art electronic control system.
Climate controlled cabin.

Hydration Unit

Combination chemical van/hydration unit
Six tote/six chemical pump capacity.
E&H Coriolis variable mass flow meter control linked to Stewart & Stevenson auto controller.
15m³ hydration tank, maximum 10.0mm³/minute flow rate.
Climate controlled cabin.


Capable of handling up to eight sand hogs (1,200 T storage).
Maximum rate of 10,000 kg/min.
Dust containment equipped, connections for vacuum dust unit.


Peterbilt Model 367 Lightweight, all aluminum cab construction. Superior reliability and maximum fuel efficiency levels.

Sand Transports

40 tonne capacity, three separate compartments, tri-axle trailers.